You’ve got Questions??

We’ve got Answers!!!


Is my credit card number safe?

Very safe – we use all the latest security technology to protect you. Transactions are processed by Moneris which is a joint investment by BMO & Royal Bank. Your credit card number is encrypted in all transactions going to and from the bank. Credit card numbers are NEVER stored on our Kiosks or on our servers. Your credit card security is our top priority.


How many DVDs can I rent at the same time?

You can rent up to three DVDs at the same time.

When is the movie due back?

There is no due date for movies. Movie Rentals are $2 + tax for the first 24 hours (from time of rental) and only $1 + tax for each additional 24 hours. Return your movie within 24 hours to only pay $2 + tax. Store hours may vary by location. Please check with your location for store hours of operation.


How much do DVDs cost to rent?

All our DVDs cost $2 + tax per DVD for the first day (24 hours) and $1 + tax for each extra day (24 hours).
For example, if you rent 1 DVD & keep it for 3 days, you will be charged $4.00 + tax. ($2 for day one + $1 for day two + $1 for day three).


How do I pay?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Sorry, we do not accept debit or pre-paid credit cards. If you have any billing questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-771-0787.

What if I rent the wrong movie or change my mind about renting a movie?

If you return the movie within 10 minutes of renting there is no charge.

How long can I keep the movie?

If you don’t return your movie in 21 days, we assume that you loved it so much that you wanted to keep it. After the 21st day the movie has been rented, you will be charged $30 + tax and the movie is yours to keep.


What if I lose the movie?

Unfortunately, if a movie is lost, there is a charge of $30.00 plus tax


I rented a movie but the movie did not come out of the Kiosk. Will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will never be charged if the kiosk does not dispense a movie to you. A slow connection can cause a kiosk to “time out” a credit card authorization to protect the customer. If your movie doesn’t come out after you’ve swiped your card, the transaction authorization has timed out. Please try your transaction again. If you do have any billing issues please call Customer Service at 1-888-771-0787.

What do I do if the DVD I rented is scratched or does not work?

With age a DVD can get slightly scratched or dirty. Try wiping the disk gently with a moist lint-free cloth. Wipe gently from the centre of the disc, outward towards the edge. If the disk still will not play on your DVD player, please call Customer Service at 1-888-771-0787.You will not be charged. If you call after regular business hours, please leave your name and number and a customer service representative will call you back.


I have a Customer Service issue. Can someone at the store that the kiosk is in help me?

While our retail partners provide excellent customer service, you will need to contact us directly for any questions or concerns you have with a Playdium Movie Magic Kiosk.

Can I return movies back to a different machine?

At this time you must return all movies to the machine from which they were rented.


How many copies of each title are available?

It varies by title. We estimate the demand for a movie and buy accordingly. If it says that the title is “not available” it means that all copies of the DVD are currently rented out.

Can I get a receipt?

Enter your email address to receive an email receipt upon return of movie(s). If you would like a paper copy, please contact customer service and we will be happy to mail you a receipt.