THE THIRST FOR POWER CAN ONLY BE SATED BY BLOOD. The might of the two greatest superpowers of the ancient world collide in an almighty clash the likes of which have never been seen before in this stunning tale of magic, myth and legend.

Combining epic action with dazzling visual effects, and featuring an array of fighting styles and intense battles, CLASH OF EMPIRES is an action-packed thrill ride from sweeping start to blockbuster finale. In 120AD, the Roman Empire is at the height of its power under the reign of Emperor Hadrian, dominating the peoples of Europe.

In the Far East, the Chinese Han Dynasty is firmly ensconced as the ruling empire and is expanding its reach across Asia. To cement relations between the two, a marriage is arranged between a Roman prince and a beautiful Chinese princess. When a nefarious plot exploits tensions between the two nations, only the long lost descendant of Alexander the Great can stop an all out war.