The Most Amazing Cinemas On the Entire Planet

TCL Chinese Theater

Los Angeles, USA

Why you should go: There is no better place to watch a movie than in the previously known as Grauman’s Chinese Theater, right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the signatures and footsteps of the most famous movie stars waiting for you at the exit.

Sydney IMAX

Sydney, Australia

Why you should go: If with IMAX everything is a matter of size, this screen of more than 35 meters wide and 29.5 meters high is the largest in the world, so…


Poitiers, France

Why you should go: If going to see a movie at the cinema is not enough for you, this huge Disneyland complex with thirteen different buildings devoted to the use of all the film projection techniques, including each version of IMAX, maybe get closer to what you are looking for.

Golden village

Katong, Singapore

Why you should go: Although its many cinemas that offer the possibility of reclining the seats and have a footrest, this room also includes a practical call button that alerts a waiter to go to refill your drink or prepare a new cocktail.

Sol Cinema

South Wales, United Kingdom.

Why you should go: This small caravan turned into a movie theater only has room for eight spectators – and many already look like seeing the photo – but it makes you gain environmental awareness points because it works with solar energy. And it has its own red carpet!

Busan Cinema Center

Busan, South Korea.

Why you should go: It is one of the largest cinemas on the planet: it has an exterior screen of 4,000 seats and four interiors with 1,500 seats each. Unimpressive? Then enjoy the play of lights that form your LED projectors on the facade.

The senator

Baltimore, USA

Why you should go: Do you remember the cinema of Twelve monkeys? This impressive Art Deco facade is not easily forgotten.


Los Angeles, USA

Why you should go: An open-air cinema in the middle of a cemetery? Please, don’t be so vulgar. It is an open-air cinema in the cemetery where legends such as John Huston, Peter Lorre or Fay Wray are buried .

CGV Cheongdam

Seoul, South Korea.

Why you should go: If thinking about watching 3D movies just makes you yawn, you have to try the 4D experience of these cinemas. The seats move with the camera and it is not uncommon to experience odors, splashes of water and wind currents during the projections.

Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

The Coast, USA

Why you should go: Reclining leather seats, waiter service that brings you gourmet snacks during the movie and a temptation: the zebra popcorn. That means popcorn coated with black and white chocolate.


Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Why you should go: The Foundation for Creative and Artistic Technology (FACT) is dedicated entirely to the art of cinematography and, in addition to exhibitions, also offers screenings for students and visitors.

Kino Pionier

Szczecin, Poland.

Why you should go: It is the oldest cinema preserved in the world. It was built in 1909, had 82 seats and it is most appropriate to go to see silent movies with live musical accompaniment.

Rooftop Cinema

Melbourne, Australia

Why you should go: 185 beach chairs and a large screen that compete against the fantastic views of Melbourne that can be seen from this rooftop conditioned as an outdoor cinema.

Montjuïc Room

Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Why you should go: It’s one of those outdoor cinemas that you have to visit. How cool it is to say that you saw a movie in an 18th-century castle.

Nokia Ultra Screen

Bangkok, Thailand

Why you should go: Foot massage during the projection. Needless to say more.

The Cinémathèque

Paris France.

Why you should go: Feel like a disciple of Henri Langlois enjoying the extensive archive of films of the great institution of French cinema.

Uplink X

Tokyo Japan.

Why you should go: It is considered the smallest cinema in Japan, but that is no problem: its 40 seats are not fixed on the floor, so that each spectator can move them to make them better, turning the projection into a kind of Dance of musical chairs more conducive to force social contact than attend the film.

Avoca Beach Picture Cinema

New South Wales, Australia.

Why you should go: If you want to experience movies on the beach, nothing better than doing it in Australia. This particular room will make you feel inside a remodeled cabin of surfers … because that’s just that.

Colosseum Kino

Oslo, Norway

Why you should go: That impressive dome not only serves to make the building more amazing from the outside, but also greatly improves the sound experience of what is the world’s largest THX cinema.

Raj Mandir

Jaipur, India

Why you should go: 1,200 seats that easily sell out the tickets as only spectators as cheerful and delivered as demanded by Bollywood’s latest success knows how to please. Here you are expected to applaud in groups every time the hero comes out on screen.

Thisio cinema

Athens, Greece.

Why you should go: If you are able to fix your attention on the screen when only a few centimeters to the side, you have an impressive view of the Acropolis and the Parthenon, then go without fear.

Alamo Drafthouse

Austin, USA

Why you should go: The dream of the last generations of spectators: exquisite programming, thematic sessions – food included -, spacious and comfortable seats … all covered by a strict zero-tolerance policy against whispers, mobile phones and small children. A blessing.

Chef’s cinema

Seoul, South Korea.

Why you should go: You will never order popcorn again once you have verified that it is also possible to watch a movie while you taste a delicious menu of French haute cuisine.

The Archipelago Cinema

Yao Noi, Thailand.

Why you should go: It’s a floating cinema. Float on water. On a paradise beach. Who the hell cares about the movie they cast?